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Cyber Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in today’s economy.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that identity theft costs individuals more than $50 billion annually. The number of complaints to the FTC continues to increase each year. We live in a global community, which means there are no borders in cyber space. Therefore, your identity is at risk as is your online reputation. In today’s digital age it’s easy for someone to damage your reputation, access your credit report or steal your identity by posting negative information on social networks and other websites.

Criminal rings can easily steal your identity and ruin your credit without you knowing anything has happened. There is software available for these thieves to get your personal information and obtain your identity, credit cards in your name and much more. Be alert, protect your family and don’t become a victim of cyber identity theft.

We need to be diligent and ensure our identity, credit report and reputation is secured. That’s why GuardChild provides LifeLock,, Trusted ID and Suze Orman’s Identity Protector to help protect you and your family from becoming victims to cyber criminals and provide you with credit report monitoring.

Learn more about the products available to help you protect your families identity from cyber criminals.

Don’t become a victim – protect your identity.