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Below is a sample of emails we received from customers. We welcome your comments about our products and services.

“Thanks, thanks and thanks again. One of your team spent time with me on the phone and helped me select the right software to keep track of what my daughter is doing with her cell phone. My wif e and I now feel a sense of relief” JR, Rhode Island

“We bought the cell phone monitoring software and what a difference it’s made for us. We now feel better because we can see if our son leaves the neighborhood, what he texts and so much more” Randal, NY

“Your website has made a difference in our lives. We had no idea how bad things were online and the problems today’s kid’s face. Since becoming a member we learned the chat – text acronyms and now can text our kids in their language”.  Mary B., Chicago, Illinois

“The statistics just blew me away. I now appreciate what my daughter has to deal with online. I like the selection of products and services…I’ve already told other parents about your site” John H – Tampa Bay, Florida

“I can sleep at night…thanks for the information and software I use to know what my daughter is doing with her smartphone”. Luis, New Mexico

“Your staff were very helpful and took the time to help me choose the right software”. Karen, Alabama

“We purchased Mobile Spy and are so glad we did. Not only do we see what our son texts, but we always know where he is with the GPS locator. There are so many other uses for this product and we’re glad to have it”  Evelyn – San Antonio, Texas

“Good information. We added technology to what we teach our children. We also purchased your iPhone monitoring software so we can keep an eye on what our kids are doing and where they are” Amelia J – Phoenix, Arizona

“I was uncomfortable with the idea of buying software for my child’s smart phone because I felt it was spying on them. But I I’m not spying but being a responsible parent” Peter  – NJ

“Nice to find a website with so much information about the dangers kids face on the Internet. We’ve learned a lot from the articles and use the kids sites for our youngster. Our next step will be to purchase cell phone software” Lori  – Vermont

“Thanks to your site, I now know where my daughter is at all times and I know who and what she texts” Thank you! Veronica J – Fullerton, CA

” Great and timely information about the dangers online. My wife and I NOW realize how our parenting job has changed. We’re going to tell all our friends about your site.” Josh B – Dallas, TX