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Laptop Cop

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Laptop Cop

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Worried about you child losing their laptop computer? Has your laptop ever been lost or stolen? Laptop Cop allows you to remotely recover ALL your stolen laptop files, delete  files, and track down and recover your stolen laptop no matter where it is.  Laptop Cop’s Geolocate feature is more accurate than GPS tracking systems – it will identify your stolen laptop’s location to within 60 feet  so police can locate and recover your laptop.  Protect your family against Identity Theft.

With Laptop Cop, once your laptop is stolen, you can remotely retrieve all of your files on the stolen laptop and start recording anything the thief does on your computer. You can access the thief’s contact information including their name, email, address and phone number. Laptop Cop lets you take control of your stolen laptop. With a single command you can ensure the thief can’t access your files or programs. The Laptop Cop Recovery Team works with police and sends a  message that is broadcasted across the laptop’s screen notifying the thief to return the laptop or face prosecution.

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