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For Parents, By Parents

GuardChild was founded by a team of parents concerned by the explosion of news reports about child predators frequenting Internet Chat Rooms and exploiting children and the increase in cyber bulling. We realized a need for a ‘one stop’ holistic website where parents could go to share their knowledge and experiences, educate themselves about Internet safety, apps kids use, and review, and purchase the latest software for Computers, Mobile Phones, iPads and Android Tablets.

The founder of GuardChild, Michael Cafarelli has more than twenty years of experience in technology, criminal justice, and working with at-risk-youth, and families. He is an advocate for child Internet safety and provides workshops and presentations to PTO’s, parent groups, children and educators about Online Safety.

He is aware of the benefits and dangers the Internet holds for children and is i-SAFE certified. Mr. Cafarelli believes that Internet safety education and parental control software are necessary to make the Internet a fun, safe place for children. His goal is to help parents and educators protect children from cyber bullies, sexual predators, cyber-harassment, cyber stalking, sexting, pornography, drug abuse, and to protect families from identity theft and cyber crime.

Contact us if you would like Michael to conduct a presentation at your school or organization.

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What GuardChild Offers

GuardChild provides Protection, Education, and Community. We offer your family online safety through the best Parental Control SoftwareMobile Phone Monitoring,  Cell Phone and iPad and Android Tablet. protection available, up-to-date information about Internet threats, resources, and a supportive community for concerned parents like you. We want to help you keep your children safe, and we provide the tools and resources to help you do it. Free membership includes:

GuardChild has joined forces with top software companies to provide the best, easy-to-use, cutting-edge, parental-control, smart phone, and tablet software to track and monitor your children’s online activity.  You can also purchase and download Cell Phone monitoring and mobile phone tracking software (many offer free downloads) directly for incredible savings and immediate protection.

Learn to monitor and or block your child’s online activities: what they are doing and saying, where they are saying it, and to whom, at sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Facebook, Chat Rooms, and through Instant Messaging (IM). Get what it takes to stay one-step ahead of your children and the cyber-criminals at the  Parents Resource Center: a free databank of articles, resources, statistics, and Internet Safety tips selected to help keep your family safe online, access to websites and articles, up to date Online News, safe Internet games and cyber books.

You’re not alone. Millions of other families are worried about Internet safety, too. With Free membership in our Community, you will also have access to the our Community Blog, a gathering space for parents to share their questions, fears, and successes. Use our Chat/Text/Sexting dictionary to learn what your kids are saying in text messages and how you can talk to them via texting and Instant messaging (IM), increase your understanding about the dangers online and how to create an open line of communication with your kids.

A Message from the Founder of GuardChild

We hope you found our site educational and valuable in gaining a better understanding about the issues of child online safety. We also hope you decide to purchase software and become a member of our community. If you do not, we appreciate you visiting our site. However, we urge you to purchase child-monitoring software (keylogger) cell phone tracking (mobile spy phone software) or tablet, iPad monitoring software to know what your child is doing on the Internet or any digital device, either with us or through another website.

Leaving a child alone with an unprotected smart phone, tablet, or computer  is equivalent to leaving a child alone in a playground. You’ve read the statistics that show what can happen when kids are not supervised online – you know the dangers. Protect your child and install the appropriate software to know what your child is doing with their digital devices.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are protected from sexual predators, cyber bullying, sexting, inappropriate use of social media apps, and identity theft. We want you to be armed with the knowledge of how your children communicate (Chat, Text and Sexting Acronyms), to increase your understanding about the Internet, and we want you to find safe, fun, and educational sites for you and your family. More importantly, we want you to have peace of mind knowing your family is protected from Internet predators.

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We hope you’ll return to our site, tell your friends about us, and make use of the free resources available to you. Once again, thanks for visiting with us.

Have questions about a product? Contact us at GuardChild or call us at 877.815.2411.

Michael Cafarelli
Founder, GuardChild

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Stop Cyber Bullying – Know if your child is being Victimized !

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