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PeekTab iPad & Tablet Monitoring

Posted by GuardChild 3 Comments
ipad monitoring software for parents

Our Price: $29.97
Compatible with Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini iOS 7.0.4, Android Tablet and BlackBerry PlayBook.
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PeekTab’s advanced software allows you to monitor what your teen or anyone does on the monitored iPad, Android tablet or BlackBerry PlayBook in real time. Protect your loved ones – know what they are doing online.

Supported mobile carriers – Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, O2, Orange, Cingular, Alltel, Virgin, Vodafone, Telcel, Rogers and more.

Immediate Download

This high-tech monitoring software allows you to see exactly what your teen does when you’re not around. Install the small app onto the tablet (iPad or Android) you own and want to monitor. PeekTab starts to monitor at every boot of the monitored iPad or Android tablet, it runs in complete stealth mode and does not show up as a running app. Once PeekTab is installed on the monitored tablet, it records activities and then silently uploads the information to your secure PeekTab account. Use your PeekTab account to see what’s being done with the monitored tablet and your child’s location. You can access your account from any device with an Internet connection.

PeekTab tablet monitoring software records text messages, websites visited, photos taken, websites visited, social network activity on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, GPS locations, contacts, calendar entries, apps installed and all call activity with detailed logs that record the date and time of each monitored activity. You can also monitor all incoming and outgoing email; know exactly where your child is with the GPS tracking feature. Another great tool available to you is recorded screen shots of the monitored activity.

Once PeekTab is installed, you can customize the setting you want to monitor on the iPad or tablet. Now the iPad or tablet is actively being monitored and will remain active running in the background. It doesn’t matter if the device is turned on, off the software continues to run in stealth mode, and uploads data you selected to monitor to your PeekTab user account. Best of all is the software will upload activity even if it is deleted by the user you still have access to it on your PeekTab Control Panel.

When you want to see what’s being done on the monitored iPad or Android tablet, just login to your secure dashboard from anywhere using any web browser with any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection and you can to see and monitor activity on the monitored iPad or tablet in real time. Keep your family safe and give yourself peace of mind install this software.

Also compatible with iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Asus, LG Optimus, Acer Iconia, T-mobile G-Slate, Viewsonic Viewpad, and most other Android, Google OS tablets.

Give yourself peace of mind,  know your teen is safe with their tablet and not being cyber bullied or sending nude photos.

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All Apple devices must be Jailbroken before PeekTab can be installed. Use our best rated, easy to install and money back guaranteed Jailbreak/Unlock solution.

3 Responses so far.

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  2. hklr says:

    With the software my wife and I feel a sense of calm because we aren’t worried what our son is doing with his iPad. Before we found this website and software our relationship with him was fragmented. He’d go to his room with his new iPad and only come out for meals. If we asked what he was doing he said nothing. Thanks Guardchild.