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PhoneGuard – Block Texting and Driving

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on PhoneGuard – Block Texting and Driving
Stop texting and driving, block texting and driving

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PhoneGuard’s Drive Safe software (app) is a new addition to stop teens from texting while driving . It automatically activates when the car begins to move and uses the mobile device GPS to know what speed the car is traveling. Once activated the anti-texting application locks the phone disabling texting, emailing, web surfing, instant messaging and calls (unless Bluetooth enabled). If your child is a passenger, they can press a button to ask permission to text – which only you can grant. Enable SpeedAlert and you’ll be alerted when the car exceeds a specified speed limit. Use PhoneGuard’s TimeOut to manage the hours or times of day your kids can use their mobile device to text, email, access the web or IM. A great feature that can also shut down the phone during homework or bedtime. Download FREE APP


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