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The application is a bid to protect vulnerable teens from cyber bullying and exploitation. Read more…

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WhatsApp, Messenger, Facetime, iMessage, Allo, Telegram, Hangouts, Skype. You have dozens of mainstream messaging apps to choose from, each with tens—if not hundreds—of millions of users and more than enough features to fulfill your communication needs. Read more…

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Teen Code Words

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Eerily similar to the movie Nerve, a sick ‘suicide challenge’, known as Blue Whale, is goading teens in some countries into committing suicide. The terrifying online craze is said to have claimed more than 130 lives in Russia, where it is suspected to have originated. The game has now found followers in UK, apart from  [ Read More ]

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he novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, is a trending topic these days among teenagers and concerned parents, especially after Netflix released the drama series based on the book. For those that are not familiar with this novel, it basically tells the story of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who kills herself and left  [ Read More ]

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