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Snapchat’s newest feature could inadvertently share your loved one’s location. Social media is the way Rio Grande Valley resident Dina Sierra said she connects with her 16-year-old daughter. “I like making sure of what she posts because everybody does see everything that goes on there. So, it’s important to make sure what’s being posted out,”  [ Read More ]

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A new smartphone app that specifically targets pre-teens and teens is causing police departments around the country a lot of concern. The app is called “Yellow”. It’s connected to Snapchat and it’s becoming very popular with kids. But officials say there’s no age verification for the app, and that means anyone any age can use  [ Read More ]

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Something happens the second your baby is born. You’re different; more cautious (read: paranoid) and completely oblivious to the increased number of times you offer to sanitize the hands of friends and family. Know what else? You make promises you can’t keep, like the time you swore you’d never let your kid use an iPad  [ Read More ]

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As schools reopen for the new year, many students will arrive with smartphones in their pockets or backpacks, loaded with “apps” that can create headaches for parents, teachers, and administrators. Some apps, by design, allow kids to hide images and data, and even the existence of the apps themselves. Many apps cost nothing and require  [ Read More ]

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A Parent’s Guide to Kik

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Kik is a community chat app that allows users to connect with brands or chat one-on-one or in groups, with text, emojis, memes, videos and photos. Teens love Kik because it’s an “in the moment” experience, without the profile curation fatigue they can feel on other apps, where their photos, videos or status updates are  [ Read More ]

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