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Cyber bullying is an extremely dangerous form of harassment that can lead to severe psychological damage and in its worst-case suicide. Unfortunately, there have been several documented cases of suicide resulting from cyber bullying – Phoebe Prince a 15 years old committed suicide after a three month long campaign of physical and cyber abuse. Alternatively, the case of Tyler Clementi who committed suicide after his college roommate shows streaming video of him from his room. Additionally, kids who are subject to cyber bullying that don’t commit suicide but suffer lifelong psychological damage resulting from the bullying.

Cyber Bullying is today’s toughest challenge facing tweens, teens, parents and schools across the United States. We all need to recognize how damaging it is and be pro-active in helping kids understand the dangers of cyber bullying so they don’t become bullies or victims.

GuardChild is leader in providing parents, guardians and educators with information to help them understand the dangers and warning signs.  We’ve created a page for parents with tips and videos to help them become more knowledgeable of this national epidemic.

Below are statistics we’ve gathered from