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The following software definitions should help you decide what type of software will be the best tool.



Types of Software

Blocking/Filtering Software

A computer program that prevents access to websites, web pages, or applications based on criteria such as keyword analysis or inclusion on a blacklist

Monitoring Software

A computer program that tracks and logs computer and Internet activity, usually including websites visited, applications launched, and email, chat, and Instant Message communications

Parental Controls

A term used to describe tools that allow parents to choose appropriate content for their children to view on their computer and the Internet

Web Filtering Methods

Dynamic Keyword Analysis

Defining objectionable content by identifying keywords within a web page

Dynamic URL Analysis

Defining objectionable content by identifying keywords within the web address (URL) of a web page

Managed URL List

A predefined and regularly updated list of objectionable websites created by the developer of the monitoring/filtering software

Filtering/ Recording Capabilities


Blocking websites or pages by web address (URL)

Selectable Filter Categories

Choosing to block specific types of content based on predefined categories, such as pornography, violence, gambling, hate, etc.


A user-created list of ‘bad’ websites or email addresses to be blocked


A user-created list of ‘good’ websites or email addresses to be allowed

Web Surfing Recording

The ability to capture and log websites visited, including site address, username, time on site and identification of the domain name.

Keystroke Recording

A feature that records all keystrokes typed in chat rooms, emails, passwords, etc.

Chat Messager Recording

The ability to monitor and record both sides of chat room conversations

Custom Keywords (Keyword Detection)

A user-created list of words used to define objectionable content


Remote Install

A feature that has the ability to install software from a remote location

Remote Monitor

The ability to access (via a web interface or email) monitoring logs and other information from a computer other than the one being monitored.

Realtime Monitoring

The ability to access monitoring logs and other information as data is being collected

User Profiles

Customized settings to accommodate the varying protection needs of different users of the same computer

Password Logging

A feature that captures all passwords used to access websites or any application

Email Alerts

Automated email messages sent to a specified address when certain keywords, events, or actions are triggered

Spyware Detection Disable

A feature that will detect if spyware is on and provides an option to disable the software



Screen Shot Recording

The ability determine frequency and type of screen shots recorded.

Screen Shot Slide Show

Feature option to capture screen shots like a slideshow and viewed as if you watched what occurred in real time

Additional Features

Time Limit Controls

Settings that prevent a user from accessing the Internet after a time allotment has been exceeded or during specified times.

Prevent Specific Programs from Running

The ability to prevent specific applications from being launched

Stealth Mode

A feature that allows the software to run undetected

Immediate Override

A feature that allows an authorized user to temporarily circumvent protection features to view a blocked website or launch a blocked application

Monitor Without Filtering

The ability to monitor web activity (browsing, searches) without blocking any sites

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Recording

A feature that records P2P downloads, i.e. Kazaa, Limewire, and Gnutella.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Records files transferred or uploaded using FTP over the network