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Should I monitor what my child does on her cell phone?

Posted by GuardChild 1 Comment

My husband and I are having a hard time deciding whether we should monitor what our daughter, who is 14, does on her mobile phone. We’ve talked to her about sexting and believe she is smart enough to know not to send nude photos of herself to a boyfriend, but we’re still very concerned.

We looked at the available software that monitors what kid’s do on their cell phones and found its features quite daunting. We’re considering buying Mobile Spy because it will give us complete access to what she does, where she goes, see who she texts and who texts her and who she calls. Of course, we’re still discussing if this is the right thing to do. We’re trying to balance her privacy and keep tabs on what she does with her smart phone.

We’ve talked with other parents in our community and found that many of them are purchasing software to monitor what their teens do on their computers and mobile phones. This was helpful in getting us to the point of deciding to monitor our daughters cell phone calls and text messages.

We would appreciate it if anyone has had the same experience we’re going through regarding monitoring their teens cell phone activity would response to our post.

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  1. hklr says:

    I completely understand your anxiety. My husband and I felt the same way but decided to buy Mobile Spy so we would know what our child was doing with their cell phone. It has work so well for us we now have some peace of mind when our child is out or at home with her mobile phone. After we bought the software, we told our daughter we would be monitoring her cellphone. Initially she was upset, but as time passed and we all have regular conversations things settled down.

    In today’s digital age, kids have some much technology at their disposal and can get themselves in trouble using it if they aren’t monitored. You hear of the term sexting – which is a crime and can land a kid in jail or with severe punishment from law enforcement authorities. Is cell phone spyware the answer – yes and not? It should be part of a larger initiative to educate kids about the dangers with cell phones, iPhones and tablets.

    Because of the proliferation of technology and the various entry points to get online, it becomes a parents responsibility to increase their education about the dangers online, and talk with their children about what some of these dangers are and how to avoid getting involved in cyber bullying, cyber harassment, illegal p2p downloads and of course sexting.

    Mobile Spy is a great cell phone monitoring product that provides you and your spouse with access to almost everything your child does on their mobile device. However, that doesn’t mean you have to monitor all calls, text messages etc. You decide what issues you’re most concerned about and look for any text, email or SMS messages or contact that has this information. When you see a text to someone that is inappropriate, or a call to someone you don’t know – then you a may want to open up these messages and calla and get more detailed information and talk to your child.

    I hope this helps and that you make the right decision because the next will be should you monitor their tablet or iPad.