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Sex Bracelets

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Sex Bracelets

The Return of Sex Bracelets

So you thought the sex (colored jelly) bracelet trend was over. Well think again. Have you heard of the latest bracelet trend in teenage fashions? It is called \’snapping\’ and it involves the colored jelly bracelets first made famous by Madonna. Back in the early 80’s, pop icons such as Madonna helped make color jelly bracelets a fashion must have amongst teens and young adults.

In the 80’s however, these bracelets did not represent anything more than a new fashion trend. After being popular in 2008 through 2009, the bracelets have returned and are once again popular amongst tweens and teens alike. The difference between the bracelets worn in the 80’s and those worn in the last decade is what they symbolize. In the 80’s, they were fashion accessories and nothing more.

In 2008-2009 and today the bracelets represents a sexual act the wearer is willing to perform – take note, wearing these popular bracelets does not automatically mean they are engaging in sexual activity. The wearer could find them fun to wear and nothing more. You and your child should have an open/honest conversation about why they (and their friends) are wearing the bracelets.

Below is a list of just how varied the ‘acts’ can be (and may vary somewhat by location):

* Yellow – indicates the wearer is willing to hug

* Pink – indicates the wearer is willing to give a hickey

* Orange – indicates the wearer is willing to kiss

* Purple – indicates the wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex

* Red – indicates the wearer is willing to perform a lap dance

* Green – indicates that ORAL SEX can be performed on a girl

* Clear – indicates a willingness to do \”whatever the snapper wants\”

* Blue – indicates ORAL SEX performed on a guy

* Black – indicates that the wearer will have regular \”missionary\” sex

* White – indicates the wearer will \”FLASH\” what they have

* Glittery Yellow – indicates hugging and kissing is acceptable

* Glittery Pink – willing to \”flash\” (show) a body part

* Glittery Purple – wearer is willing to French (open mouth) kiss

* Glittery Blue – wearer is willing to perform a_ _l sex

* Glittery Green – indicates that the wearer is willing to \”69\”

* Glittery Clear – indicates that the wearer will let the snappee ‘do as they please’

The term ‘Snapping’ refers to a peer ‘unsnapping’ the bracelet from the wearer’s wrist, then the wearer performs the act on the ‘un-snapper’. There have not been many (if any) reports of teens forcibly removing bracelets and forcing the wearer to perform sexual acts.

However, how many tweens or young teens would admit to their parents they wore a bracelet letting their peers know they performed o_ _l sex? Like most trends, I would guess the rules to the game are different and made up by sets of friends or even entire schools.

As mentioned above, wearing a bracelet does not mean the child is having sex. However, it is important that parents are aware and know to be on the lookout for these fashion trends.

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