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Monitoring teen’s app downloads for best smart phone use

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Monitoring teen’s app downloads for best smart phone use

According to Pew Research Center close to 80 percent of teens in America have a cell phone, and nearly half of them use smart phones.

Apps are wildly popular and easy to get with a few taps of those smart phones.

Unfortunately, some of those apps are being used for more than just a friendly “hello.”

When it comes to her son, Colin’s new smart phone Maureen Donahue is always looking over his shoulder. Maureen likes the ability of staying in touch with her 13-year-old, but is concerned by the virtual trouble certain popular apps can welcome.

“With all of these new apps coming up it is difficult to stay on top of things,” Maureen said. “I think it is completely the parent’s responsibility.”

Four of the more popular apps that teens are downloading to their smart phones these days are; Snapchat, Ask.FM, Whisper and Kik Messenger. Read more

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