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Should parents be concerned about Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’?

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Should parents be concerned about Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’?

Last week brought the announcement the new Facebook Nearby Friends feature in the Facebook mobile app, which is a clear attempt to lure more teens back to Facebook. Especially considering it’s an age group that they’ve had trouble wooing and keeping in recent months. In short, Nearby Friends allows users to share their location with their Facebook friends with the goal of discovering in-person meet-ups–nothing new to those of you familiar with FourSquare, although now conveniently in Facebook’s mobile app.

Now I wouldn’t panic about privacy just yet, since it’s currently an opt-in feature that you have to manually activate, and it doesn’t display your exact location to anyone. In fact, it’s surprisingly privacy conscious, considering all the ongoing privacy concerns users consistently have with Facebook. Read more…

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