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The Cyberbullying Download

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on The Cyberbullying Download

Parents have been uploading lots of questions online about cyber-bullying and how they can make sure their children and teens are not victims or aggressors of this behavior. So let me log on this week with some information on this topic.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target others. It is very common among children and teens. Studies suggest that one third of teens and one sixth of preteens are victims of cyberbullying. As more kids have access to computers and smartphones, the incidence of this behavior is expected to rise.

So what can parents do? Keep an eye on your child or teen for evidence of emotional distress during or after being on the internet, withdrawal from friends or family members, avoidance of school or group gatherings or a change in school performance appetite and sleep patterns. Also, look for a desire to stop using the computer or smartphone for unclear reasons and not wanting to engage in conversation about smartphone or computer activities.

Why don’t kids talk about their being cyberbullied? Kids are afraid the outcome of talking to parents will be to lose their online privileges, so parents, sit down with your child, tell them they are not going to lose their privileges, and reassure your child that this is an issue with the bully and not with your child. Read more..

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