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Know the acronyms your kid’s use to communicate

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Know the acronyms your kid’s use to communicate

SALT LAKE CITY — One in four students has been involved in sexting and on average, 52 percent of students have been victims of cyberbullying. That’s according to NetSmartz.

Now teens are going to great lengths to hide their texting conversations from their parents.

“’Parent Over Shoulder’ or ‘Parent in Room’ and those I think are a little outdated now, but then you have some of the new ones that involve sexting,” according to Max Rogers, the Director of NetSmartz, a national program the Boys and Girls Club uses to educate teens about the dangers lurking on the Internet.

There’s a long list of abbreviations teens are now using in text messages with their friends.

GNOC is get naked on camera. CU46 is see you for sex. LMIRL stands for let’s meet in real life and TDTM is talk dirty to me. read more

Also visit out acronyms to stay informed about what your kid’s are saying.

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