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The dangers lurking on your kids’ cell phone

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on The dangers lurking on your kids’ cell phone

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — It can be entertaining, informative and make keeping in touch easier, but social media can also create a parent’s worst nightmare. A Hawkins County family learned that the hard way this week.

When 14-year old Hayleigh Wilson disappeared from her Surgoinsville home Monday. Her dad says she swiped her mom’s keys and took off to meet a 41-year old man she’d been communicating with through an app. Turns out that man she met is a convicted sex offender named Benjamin Shook. Hayleigh’s father says he’s preying on her innocence.

It’s called grooming. Even the most responsible kids can become victims, but there are ways you can keep your kids safe. read more

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