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Teen Texting Secrets Decoded

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Teen Texting Secrets Decoded

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Texting has become a most popular form of communication—especially so amongst teens.

If you’re a guardian, and you’ve picked up your teens phone, you may have seen what may seem like random letters, or typos, but chances are those letters stand for things parents should know.

CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally spoke to some teens to find out what they’re saying via text.

“Yeah I use abbreviations so she don’t know what I’m saying. She wouldn’t like it,” said one teen.

CLICK HERE To Watch Rhiannon Ally’s Report

For example, ‘LIQ’ stands for liquor, ‘DTC’ is down to chill. There are more, like ‘TDTM’ which stands for talk dirty to me. The list continues; TDTM, talk dirty to me, GYPO, get your pants off.

One mother, who did not want to be identified, knew little of whatever her 15-year-old daughter was texting and was horrified when she found out.

She, like many other parents, did not know that GNOC means get naked on camera.

“The picture was of herself naked,” said the mother. She said she was “embarrassed, horrified and worried.”

“There are so many things on our kids’ phones and technology that I don’t know about and our kids do that they can hide things from us,” said the mother. Read more…

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