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Archive for July, 2017

CipherBoard, a just launched secure keyboard, is now making conversations across different iOS and Android apps private and secure like never before. With end-to-end encryption within any app, CipherBoard allows users the freedom to write and send encrypted messages that can only be read by the target recipients. Read more…

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We offer simple but comprehensive advice on protecting your privacy online when using a Mac, from mac OS’s built-in tools to the best third-party software. Whether it’s hackers trying to steal private data, a government determined to snoop on everything you we do online, or large companies tracking us around the internet in order to  [ Read More ]

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Have you ever given a second thought to the current state of the security of your personal identity? Every day hundreds of people have their personal data stolen by nefarious online hackers. If your data is stolen it can be used to commit fraud in your name. Read more…

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