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Social Media Isn’t Ruining Our Kids. We Are

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on Social Media Isn’t Ruining Our Kids. We Are

Good news, pearl-clutchers! Someone re-examined all of our moral panic around whether or not social media is What’s Wrong With Kids These Days and all signs point to: nope.

It’s no secret that parents, pediatricians, and people who have Lots of Opinions aren’t fond of the Snaptweets and Instabook posts all of our kids are making, and suspect that these platforms — not to mention the KikTube — are the reasons kids are entitled, anxious, over-sensitive garbage.

A new study published in Psychiatry Quarterly examined that idea in more detail, and it suggests that it may soon be time to move Social Media into the abandoned scapegoats pile so it can join its video games and rock-and-roll brethren. Read more…

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