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Sunday January 28 is Data Privacy Day

Posted by GuardChild 0 Comment

Given the recent security breaches and malware attacks it’s time to examine how you and your family use the Internet, social media platforms, Apps, and other online activity.

Below are some questions you may want to consider:

• How secure are your passwords?
• How often do you change them?
• Do you have two-factor authentication for your email and other online accounts?
• How much personal information do you share on social media?
• Are you posting too many photos of your children?
• Is your computer and smart phone secure?
• Do you know what information your children share online?
• Are they protected?
• Do you have a VPN to prevent the loss of personal information?

These are some of the questions you may want to examine and decide what if any changes to make to ensure your children are safe and your personal information is concealed from hackers and criminals.

Start a discussion with your family, ask your children if they are aware of the dangers in giving away personal information and the untold harm it could cause.

Be cyber-smart, protect your identity and more importantly your children.


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