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Archive for the ‘Digital Communication for the Analogy Generation’ Category

How to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Posted by GuardChild Comments Off on How to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

With the proliferation of electronic devices, today’s children have greater access to the Internet now more than ever. Many parents are not aware of the many ways children can get online. In addition to computers and smart phones, kids can access the Internet with game consoles, PS3, XBOX, Wii, iTouch, all WIFI versions of Kindle,  [ Read More ]

When I was a teenager, my mother was so intimidated by our VCR, she asked me to write down instructions on how to program it. She still calls for frequent tech support, often wanting to know how to make the “whozit” do the “thingie”. Even though VCRs have gone the horse-and-buggy route, this drama plays  [ Read More ]