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Apps if used correctly can be useful and fun. Unfortunately, kids misuse these apps and get themselves into trouble by cyberbullying, stalking, harassing othersĀ  or sending nude photos.

Below is a list of apps and social media sites popular with kids today. As a parent, you want to understand these apps, know how they work and the damage they can cause when used inappropriately.

The list of apps are only the top rated apps kids are using today. Apps are developed weekly and kids migrate to whatever app is trending within their community.

You may want to download and print the document or use the social media bar on the left side of our website to share with a friend. We are all in this together and need to keep each other informed to protect our children.

The document is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to view the file. You can download Acrobat here at no cost.

If there are other apps your kids are using that we missed, please send them to us at GuardChild.

Social Media and Apps Parents Need to Know